Since the beginning of 2021 I have been streaming live art and games part-time on Twitch. This has given me some unique opportunities to design Twitch assets including, emotes, badges and panels.
Facial expressions have been just out of my comfort zone for some time, emote design gave a perfect chance for me to focus on this area of my practice.
My Twitch emotes for the channel I co-host on (PlonkStar) have been amazingly well-received, being used 1000+ times a month outside the channel for the last year.
Emotes and Assets for PlonkStar
Emotes for BeamClaws11
Emote for BinhIsTheMenance
Emotes and Assets for SirRoosty
Twitch commissions are currently closed.
However, if you are interested in commissioning me for Emotes, Badges or Panels please email me at to be added to the waitlist.
I charge between $20-$30 per emote, depending on complexity.

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