2015 was the year I started taking illustration seriously. One of the things I am most proud of is how much work I have produced over the years- from a small mountain of post-it note doodles to 100 hour+ illustrations. In rough chronological order, I wanted to take some time to show some 'Milestone' pieces that made me feel that I was really improving in my practice. Thanks for looking.
Before I really embraced Illustration, I was trying my hand at photography, running a successful photography instagram.
Some of my earliest work incorporated photographic textures to make up for my lack of rendering ability. Until I found more a flow with digitally painted landscapes.
Studying Illustration at University gave me a lot more opportunity to experiment with stylised illustration that I did not have the confidence to do before.
University also gave me experience with narrative art with a project that allowed me to make a homage to Nausicaä of the Valley of The Wind. This short project lead to an interest in making comics that would produce Planet.
After finishing University and work on Planet, I began work on my next novel project 'Swallow'. However, during development I felt as though I had neglected some the fundamentals of drawing. I took some classes to try and improve my fundamental understanding.
Thank you for checking out this page, what can only be described as a portfolio in a portfolio. I didn't want to include too many pieces of work, but I did want a place for the personal work I have done alongside other projects. I am continuing to learn more every time I draw and developing a deeper understanding of perspective, lighting and composition - my favourite elements of illustration.

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