Cover Art.
Over the years I have done a number of Cover Art commissions with supporting art including posters and promotional work. Cover Art poses an interesting challenge in conveying the core idea, or feel of a project in a single image- often acting as an opportunity to touch on themes that may not always be obvious.
DJ Buzzword.
2020. I worked closely with local DJ and drummer DJ Buzzword to produce Cover Art and promotional material for a Drum Loop Mix.
The project began with a photoshoot at Buzzword's studio to source inspiration. I produced some concept sketches for the cover art followed by promotional material for the two-part release on Bandcamp.
During the time I spent working on this project, Buzzword also commissioned me to design two posters for him. One for a live DJ show and another for a cassette conversion side hustle.
Paul Nova.
2016. I took a commission from 80s synth-wave icon Paul Nova to help re-release Bizarre Unit's 'Away From The Screaming Car'. This project involved designing elements of the CD release including the cover, alongside composing a graphic novel from illustrated panels.
A few years later in 2019 I was asked to design album artwork for Paul Nova's latest release 'Exodia', a compendium of old and recent work. Though I usually take an illustrative approach to this work - Paul wanted to be a feature on the album, so we arranged a photoshoot.
Progressive Rock artist Sapience commissioned me, along with another illustrator to design cover art for each of the 8 singles on their album 'Animalia'. Because half of the project was being done by another illustrator we decided to focus on line-work with a 'splash' of colour so the art would feel cohesive. Below are my contributions.




Animalia (Title Track).

Penguin Book Cover Art.
During my time at University we were encouraged to enter the Penguin Book Cover competition when we could. The award was a great opportunity to practice cover art.

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