Hi my name is Nick or you might know me as Rat (Ratsou).

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to check out my site! 

I’m an illustrator, designer and developer based in Shrewsbury, UK. I have been drawing seriously for the last 8 years, focusing on draftsmanship, narrative and concept. I have vast illustration and design experience from self-publishing comics and card collections to poster design, album releases and branding/rebranding commissions.

I work full-time as a Shift-Leader for Stonegate. Outside of work, I am studying web-development languages with CodeAcademy PRO, designing with Twitch; creating emotes and layouts, as well as streaming regularly. I also try and make time for personal illustrations and commissions.

My education includes a Level 3 in IT with focus on Software Development and a First Class Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication (Illustration).

I have taken numerous art courses to improve my practice and understanding, hosted by some incredible artists such as Bryce Ko and Nathan Fawkes (Pixar). In the future I would like to learn MotionDesign, Animation and become more confident with Adobe After Effects.

If you like what you’ve seen on my website and want to ask anything, enquire about a commission or request a CV - let me know!

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